Posted on Wed 13 July 2022 in new release


  • better format for exporting invoices to a CSV file
  • support for Mynet CDR format

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Posted on Sun 07 November 2021 in new release


Improvements to the rating engine:

  • Bug-fixes for (complex) nested rates using "external", "imported", "expected", and "parent" settings.
  • Switched to GHC 8.10.
  • Hacked calls can be managed in a better way, using a dedicated rating work-flow.
  • Improved the code importing CDRS from TWT vendor.
  • Improved DB schema.
  • Disabled whole …

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Posted on Wed 08 January 2020 in new release



  • the instance management tool is not anymore installed on Docker, but it is installed directly on the CentOS host


  • instance management tool supports "ProxyCommand" inside "~/.ssh/config"
  • the rate engine uses Haskell Stackage LTS 14.8
  • Asterisell instances can have optional web name alias
  • improved documentation

Bug …

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Posted on Fri 02 August 2019 in new release


Minor bug fixes to the UI:

  • re-rating of already billed calls using the "re-rate button"

Minor bug fixes and improvements to the installation procedure:

  • support for web instances using non-default HTTP/HTTPS ports
  • improved the manual

Minor bug fixes and improvements in the rating code:

  • debug logging files are …

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Posted on Fri 07 June 2019 in new release

Minor bug fixes and improvements.

More unit/regression tests.

Rating errors found by Asterisell can be exported to a CSV file.

Invoices are now numbered in a unique way respect their common legal prefix, which can be also empty.

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Posted on Mon 18 February 2019 in new release

Switched to 6.X version because this version is not compatible with previous 5.X stable versions:

  • the DB schema and application upgrade is not automatic
  • the code of the rating engine is heavily refactored
  • the instance is installed on an host/VM and not any more in a Docker …

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Posted on Wed 28 November 2018 in new release

Various improvements and bug-fixes respect v5.10-dev. In particular:

  • importing of CDRS on remote MySQL databases
  • generation of reports without wasting RAM
  • improvements to the manual
  • minor improvements to the user interface
  • bug fixes

It is used in production, but it is still considered "test" because there are a lot …

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Posted on Mon 22 October 2018 in new release

Major improvements:

  • 8x speedup of the rating engine and of the call report in the Web UI.
  • Better DB schema, supporting more efficiently deletion and recalculation of CDRS, and ported telephone numbers.
  • More details on the Web UI call report.
  • Better off-line and on-line documentation: switched to DITA with short …

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Posted on Fri 24 November 2017 in new release

This is a maintenance release:

  • improvements to the installation procedure, and to the documentation
  • bug-fixes to problems introduced from the previous version (v5.8), that changed a lot of things
  • minor improvements to the user-interface

New features:

  • support for archiving of CDRS input files, in case they are needed for …

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Posted on Wed 04 October 2017 in new release

Improvements to the User Interface:

  • Summary of calls grouped by extension/customer, in the online call report. They can be ordered by cost, income, duration.
  • CSV exporting of grouped calls.
  • Filters support "*" (match any char) also in the header position. Useful for searching customers by name.

Internal improvements to the …

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Posted on Fri 24 March 2017 in new release

Improvements in Invoices and Report Sets:

  • invoices can use a PDF document as main template
  • more flexibility in the specification of invoice payment terms, and notes
  • invoices can contain the list of DIDS/Extensions
  • invoices are generated summing details lines already rounded to decimal places, so they are correct from …

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Posted on Wed 21 December 2016 in new release

Switched from commercial license, to GPL License, and to a new GitHub repo, for public accessible downloads.

Asterisell Management Utility was simplified, but now it supports only instances on local Docker containers, and not any more remote virtual machines.

The application manual is not any more based on Redmine Wiki …

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Posted on Wed 02 November 2016 in new release

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • improved error messages in case of bad CSV files
  • rating code is more robust in the usage of resources like file handles and database connections
  • support of Digitel vendor

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Posted on Mon 11 January 2016 in new release

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • recognize and signal in a better way, if there are malformed settings in the customers/organizations
  • added a command for deleting bad configured customers
  • recognize and signal in a better way, if there are missing export-code, for extensions exported to resellers
  • added a command for completing …

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Posted on Thu 05 November 2015 in new release

Minor improvements in the user interface.

Solved some known problems, discovered during using in production:

  • #1857
  • #1859
  • #1857

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Posted on Tue 04 August 2015 in new release

Runtime environment uses a more performant:

  • Nginx server instead of Apache
  • PHP 5.6 instead of PHP 5.3
  • various bug-fixes

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Posted on Fri 26 June 2015 in new release


  • It is possible adding a prefix to generated invoices numbers.
  • Improved the online-help about the generation of invoices starting from a specific number.

Various bug-fixes.

Improved the application manual, but only the online version at

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