Posted on Mon 11 January 2016 in new release

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • recognize and signal in a better way, if there are malformed settings in the customers/organizations
  • added a command for deleting bad configured customers
  • recognize and signal in a better way, if there are missing export-code, for extensions exported to resellers
  • added a command for completing missing export-code
  • a report scheduler can be configured for not sending and generating reports without a cost
  • improved error messages
  • for every error message, show the affected CDRs, so errors can be solved by priority
  • various minor bug fixes and improvements to the user interface
  • minor improvements to the workflow of reports

This version fix a serious bug related to rating of Services. In case you are using services, you must: * open exactly one service on Services->Services menu, * change its name adding one character like "a" in the name, for forcing a modification, and save it, * editing again, removing the "a" and saving again for restoring the correct status.

Doing this, Services will be inspected again, and the correct meta-info will be added to them.