Rate Calls

Specify rating plans using a powerful domain specific language.

Group customers or extensions into distinct price list categories.

Change rates and price lists assignments over time.

Support for bundle rates, and number portability.

# Example of a rate plan
rate {
  id: outgoing
  match-call-direction: outgoing

  rate {
    id: wholesale
    match-price-category: wholesale

    use: sell-wholesale
    set-cost-for-minute: external
    # use the cost on the CSV `sell-wholesale` file


Schedule the generation of invoices and reports, and send invoices by email.

Postpone invoices with low amounts.


Online Call Reporting

Customers can view their calls online, using a simplified user interface.

Customers can export theirs calls to CSV files.


Telephone Services

Sell telephone services to customers.

Change price list and service assignments over time.


Inspect Rating Problems

Detailed errors reporting, with severity, problem description, effect and proposed solution.

Stats about unrated calls.


Enable Resellers

Resellers sell VoIP calls to their customers but using your VoIP infrastructure behind the scene.


Install on Private Servers

Install Asterisell on your private servers.

You can customize nearly any aspect of the application because you will receive application source code, and CDRs processing is based on customizable jobs.

  - ImportDataFiles
  - SignalRatesToExportToResellers
  - ManageRateEvent
  - GarbageCollectBundleState
  - CheckCallCostLimit
  - CompareProviderCostWithCalculatedCost
  - GenerateScheduledReports
  - ReportsNotificationWorkflow
  - AdviseAdminOfNewProblems
  - BackupConfigurations
  - BackupSourceCDRS
  - BackupCDRS
  - BackupReports

  - ConfigureDefaultParamsAndSettings
  - ConfigureHolidays
  - ConfigureDefaultResponsibleForEachErrorDomainType
  - InitWithDefaultMySQLStoredProcedures
  - InitTelephonePrefixes
  - LoadWorldTelephonePrefixesFromCSVFile
  - ConfigureCommunicationChannels
  - InitDefaultReportsForVoIPReseller
  - ForceReratingAtCurrentCronJobProcessor

Organizations Hierarchies

Configure customers with arbitrary complex organization hierarchies: offices, departments, and so on.

Support customers having multiple billable center costs.

Organization structure can change over time.

You can use Asterisell for call reporting inside a big organization.

Configure users with distinct permissions inside the same organization, and send them scheduled reports.


Import CDRs

Import Call Detail Records (CDRs) from local or remote database tables and files.

Many formats are supported, and more can be added.

Manage recognition of ported telephone numbers.

Merge CDRs from two or more collaborating VoIP servers, creating a single logical call.

# Call Flow Merge Rule
name: outgoing_SBC
direction: outgoing
description: Outgoing call.
merge: mgw1:MGW -> ipbx1:IPBX -> sbc1:SBC
  - mgw1.last_half_of_unique_id = sbc1.callid
  - mgw1.first_half_of_unique_id = ipbx1.last_half_of_unique_id
  - sbc1.status.calldestregid_isExternalVoIPVendor
vendor: sbc1.calldestregid
channel: implicit
billsec_from: sbc1
internal: ipbx1.src
external: sbc1.dst

Other features

  • fast rating engine:
    • 8000 CDRS/s on dedicated fast host: 4 cores, 8GB RAM, 2xSSD
    • 4200 CDRS/s on shared cloud host: 1 core, 2GB RAM, SSD
    • 2400 CDRS/s on host with slow HDD
  • it uses TokuDB engine:
    • CDRS are saved in a compressed state
    • SSD/HDD friendly because it performs a lot of sequential writes
    • performances do not degrade in case of a lot of data, but they remain constant, because all nodes of the btree are written in full state, not only leafs
  • it pre-calculates daily grouped totals for CDRS, in order to speed up the Web user-interface, and common filters on data
  • it can manage millions of monthly CDRS
  • it can store in a compressed way millions of ported telephone numbers
  • it imports and rates CDRS in an incremental way (also for rates with a bundle-state)
  • automatic rerating of unbilled CDRS in case of change of customers and rating params
  • it detects problems in CDRS and rating plans, and it has detailed error messages
  • used in production from 2009

Why not using Asterisell

  • the Web UI is dated
  • it supports (up to date) only post-paid invoices
  • it can not scale to 100000 (100K) customers because it loads customer data into RAM during the rating process