Posted on Fri 02 August 2019 in new release


Minor bug fixes to the UI:

  • re-rating of already billed calls using the "re-rate button"

Minor bug fixes and improvements to the installation procedure:

  • support for web instances using non-default HTTP/HTTPS ports
  • improved the manual

Minor bug fixes and improvements in the rating code:

  • debug logging files are not overwritten in certain conditions
  • added a new Asterisk logical format
  • simplified a little the code processing standard Asterisk CDRS

An initial but not finished support for wholesale calls: i.e. international calls routed to international resellers, for using their cheaper local channels.

How to upgrade

If the usual way fail, try this from the admin console:

fab connect:server/instance
php asterisell.php run db-upgrade-jobs
fab upgrade_conf:server/instance

For some strange reason, PHP class affecting the DBMS schema upgrade are not executed from the automatic admin utility.