Posted on Wed 08 January 2020 in new release



  • the instance management tool is not anymore installed on Docker, but it is installed directly on the CentOS host


  • instance management tool supports "ProxyCommand" inside "~/.ssh/config"
  • the rate engine uses Haskell Stackage LTS 14.8
  • Asterisell instances can have optional web name alias
  • improved documentation

Bug fixes:

  • customers with changes of history at root level were displayed multiple times in the list of customers
  • recognize extensions like "123" and "123*" without conflicts
  • remove some false alarms about nonexistent inconsistencies of main rate plans, in particular when there are no bundle-rates configured
  • new upgrade jobs were not executed because the cache with the list of jobs were not invalidated
  • other minor bug fixes and improvements

How to upgrade

Before this version the management tool and the compilation tools were installed inside a Docker container. Now they are installed directly on the host machine.

The management host must have the same operating system of Asterisell instances (i.e. CentOS-7), but as usual it can be on a distinct host respect them.

SSH keys

The previous management tool access the external Asterisell instances using ssh key files inside the Docker container. You can export and reuse them, or alternatively you can use a new set of keys.

For exporting them execute on the host, before upgrading:

scp -r ~/.ssh some-user@some-host:some-directory

and then import again inside the .ssh directory of the host.

Remove Docker container

docker rm asterisell
docker volume prune

If not used from other services you can uninstall Docker.

Install the new version of the management utility

Upload the new code of Asterisell in the git directory, using the usual way.

Follow instructions of the Asterisell manual, at section "Install Management Tool", but without updating Asterisell source code, because you have already done it.

The command fab init will install in the host all the applications for managing and compiling the source code of Asterisell.

If the SSH keys are changed, the commands fab authorize_ssh_access:SOME-INSTANCE must be executed again for each Asterisell instance to administer.

Asterisell instances

Asterisell instances are updated in the usual way, so follow the manual.