Posted on Wed 04 October 2017 in new release

Improvements to the User Interface:

  • Summary of calls grouped by extension/customer, in the online call report. They can be ordered by cost, income, duration.
  • CSV exporting of grouped calls.
  • Filters support "*" (match any char) also in the header position. Useful for searching customers by name.

Internal improvements to the rating engine:

  • Fixed a bug in the usage of the more recent CSV external rate, when there were more than two changes in the same billing rating time frame.
  • Recognize when there are logical changes in main rate plan, and split the rating time-frame accordingly.
  • Used more recent and modern Haskell packages.
  • Refactoring and simplification of the code.
  • Added a rerate stressing test.
  • Enabled automatic ANALYZE TABLE in the TokuDB engine, for better query plans.
  • Support for Abilis VoIP server CDR format.

Management infrastructure:

  • Docker images now uses CentOS 7 instead of CentOS 6.
  • Installation procedure manage automatically webdav settings, for importing and exporting CSV between resellers.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Improved the manual.

How upgrading

Due to changes from CentOS 6 to CentoOS 7 the upgrade is not automatic. The database must be exported and imported in the new Docker instance.