Asterisell Support


Open source development

Asterisell is released under GPL3+ license, at Asterisell GitHub Repository. There is no distinction between commercial and free version. It is all free except private customization that can expose confidential information of Asterisell users. But all improvements to the application are back-ported to the free repository.

For contributing to the development, the suggested way is:

  • Fork Asterisell GitHub Repository
  • For every modified source code file add yourself to the list of authors/contributors, using something like: Copyright (C) 20XX You Name <>. This is mandatory for GPL compliance, except in case of correction of typos.
  • Send a pull request.

Current status

Asterisell is used in production from 2007.

Asterisell v5 is used in production from 2015, and it can be considered a stable and tested application.

Every new release can introduce unexpected but temporary problems. Read the Asterisell News section for knowing which parts are changed.