Asterisell News


Published on 2017-11-24

This is a maintenance release:

  • improvements to the installation procedure, and to the documentation
  • bug-fixes to problems introduced from the previous version (v5.8), that changed a lot of things
  • minor improvements to the user-interface

New features:

  • support for archiving of CDRS input files, in case they are needed for legal reasons
  • a job for importing from an FTPS external archive


Published on 2017-10-04

Improvements to the User Interface:

  • Summary of calls grouped by extension/customer, in the online call report. They can be ordered by cost, income, duration.
  • CSV exporting of grouped calls.
  • Filters support “*” (match any char) also in the header position. Useful for searching customers by name.

Internal improvements to the rating engine:

  • Fixed a bug in the usage of the more recent CSV external rate, when there were more than two changes in the same billing rating time frame.
  • Recognize when there are logical changes in main rate plan, and split the rating time-frame accordingly.
  • Used more recent and modern Haskell packages.
  • Refactoring and simplification of the code.
  • Added a rerate stressing test.
  • Enabled automatic ANALYZE TABLE in the TokuDB engine, for better query plans.
  • Support for Abilis VoIP server CDR format.

Management infrastructure:

  • Docker images now uses CentOS 7 instead of CentOS 6.
  • Installation procedure manage automatically webdav settings, for importing and exporting CSV between resellers.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Improved the manual.

How upgrading

Due to changes from CentOS 6 to CentoOS 7 the upgrade is not automatic. The database must be exported and imported in the new Docker instance. See the “How exporting data to a different container” section into Asterisell Management.


Published on 2017-03-24

Improvements in Invoices and Report Sets:

  • invoices can use a PDF document as main template
  • more flexibility in the specification of invoice payment terms, and notes
  • invoices can contain the list of DIDS/Extensions
  • invoices are generated summing details lines already rounded to decimal places, so they are correct from a fiscal point of view. On the contrary in previous versions the totals were calculated rounding the totals of all calls, and so there could be minor differences in last decimal digits
  • support for customer IBAN, BIC, SEPA fields
  • invoices below a minimal income, can not be generated and postponed to next billing cycle
  • accountant and administrators can receive a CSV report with all the details about generated invoices, for managing the invoicing process using external tools
  • added a CSV call detail reports that can be sent to customers, instead of the PDF report

Rating Engine:

  • DIDS/Extensions can be derived and expanded by base generic DIDS/Extensions
  • more robust and error-prone code, for importing the CSV files

Customers can be classified using multiple tags:

  • payment terms on invoices can be generated according customer tags
  • reports can be generated and sent only to customers with specific tags
  • the application can advise if some customer are not classified correctly

Various bug fixes and improvements.


This version is used in production, but it is marked as beta because there are various changed things, that can cause minor problems.

It will became stable within few weeks, when it will be installed on more instances.


Published on 2016-12-21

Switched from commercial license, to GPL License, and to a new GitHub repo, for public accessible downloads.

Asterisell Management Utility was simplified, but now it supports only instances on local Docker containers, and not any more remote virtual machines.

The application manual is not any more based on Redmine Wiki, but it is based on Sphinx.

Minor improvements to the source code.


This version is in beta status because there are is not yet a lot of experience in production about Asterisell Docker instances, and there can be management defects to solve.


Published on 2016-11-02

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • improved error messages in case of bad CSV files
  • rating code is more robust in the usage of resources like file handles and database connections
  • support of Digitel vendor


Published on 2016-01-11

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • recognize and signal in a better way, if there are malformed settings in the customers/organizations
  • added a command for deleting bad configured customers
  • recognize and signal in a better way, if there are missing export-code, for extensions exported to resellers
  • added a command for completing missing export-code
  • a report scheduler can be configured for not sending and generating reports without a cost
  • improved error messages
  • for every error message, show the affected CDRs, so errors can be solved by priority
  • various minor bug fixes and improvements to the user interface
  • minor improvements to the workflow of reports

This version fix a serious bug related to rating of Services. In case you are using services, you must: * open exactly one service on Services->Services menu, * change its name adding one character like “a” in the name, for forcing a modification, and save it, * editing again, removing the “a” and saving again for restoring the correct status.

Doing this, Services will be inspected again, and the correct meta-info will be added to them.


Published on 2015-11-05

Minor improvements in the user interface.

Solved some known problems, discovered during using in production:

  • #1857
  • #1859
  • #1857


Published on 2015-08-04

Runtime environment uses a more performant:

  • Nginx server instead of Apache
  • PHP 5.6 instead of PHP 5.3
  • various bug-fixes


Published on 2015-06-26


  • It is possible adding a prefix to generated invoices numbers.
  • Improved the online-help about the generation of invoices starting from a specific number.

Various bug-fixes.

Improved the application manual, but only the online version at