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Code development

These notes are interesting only if you want to extend the Asterisell application source code.

How changing the database schema

Change the file config/schema.yml.
cd /asterisell/scripts
The new SQL model will be generated inside data/sql/lib.model.schema.sql.
Update InitWithDefaultMySQLStoredProcedures in case the table content modification implies a CDR rerating.
Test the application.
Add upgrade jobs extending the database also in already production instances. TODO complete this
Changes to CDR format
The upgrade job must report TRUE to “the CDR table is modified”.
Update the Haskell code that
  • specify the CDR format
  • sends CDR to the DBMS
Update the PHP code that:
  • display debug-info in the call-report
  • backup and restore CDRS

How generating UI web modules

php54 symfony propel:generate-admin asterisell ArReportScheduler --module=report_scheduling
if you add a new class, update also init database scripts, and deletion related.
  • generate module normally
  • in generator.yml change generator.class to sfPropelAdminGenerator
  • in actions.class.php:
    • remove the initial require once of lib files
    • consider using the option for sorting pagination also on ID
  • remove in lib of module the two configuration files
  • in apps/asterisell/config/routing.yml remove the initial code
  • in config, add security settings for admin access
  • add the module into the Asterisell Menu
From config/routing.yml remove code like:
      class: sfPropelRouteCollection
        model:                ArRole
        module:               role
        prefix_path:          /role
        column:               id
        with_wildcard_routes: true
      class: sfPropelRouteCollection
        model:                ArUser
        module:               user
        prefix_path:          /user
        column:               id
        with_wildcard_routes: true
      class: sfPropelRouteCollection
        model:                ArExtensionHasCode
        module:               extension_code
        prefix_path:          /extension_code
        column:               id
        with_wildcard_routes: true
      class: sfPropelRouteCollection
        model:                ArOrganizationUnit
        module:               organization_unit
        prefix_path:          /organization_unit
        column:               id
        with_wildcard_routes: true
Use code like this:
      class: sfPropelAdminGenerator
        model_class:           ArExtensionHasCode
        theme:                 admin
        non_verbose_templates: true
        with_show:             false
        singular:              ArExtensionHasCode
        plural:                ArExtensionHasCodes
        route_prefix:          ar_extension_has_code
        with_propel_route:     1
        actions_base_class:    sfActions
          ar_extension_id: { name: Extension }
          ar_extension: { name: Extension }
          code: { name: Code, help: "An extension can have one or more code (telephone numbers) that are valid alias of them." }
          title: Extension Codes (alias telephone numbers associated to an Extension)
          display: [ar_extension, =code]
          filters: [ar_extension_id, code]
          sort: [code, asc]
          title: Extension Codes (alias telephone numbers associated to an Extension)
          display: [ar_extension, code]
Learned lessons
The primaryKey are hidden in forms so the script must be patched for changing the form annotations in case there are tables with no id but other primaryKey fields.

How profiling and solve speace leaks of the Haskell Rating Engine

  • Enable debug_mode in the instance params.
  • Choose the profiling options to execute, according notes on
  • The first time execute a fab upgrade_app:instance_name, for recompiling from scratch with enabled profiling instructions.
  • fab connect:instance_name and then php asterisell.php debug rerate and php asterisell.php run jobs for executing a rating pass with the profiling enabled.
  • Inspect the “.hp” and “.prof” produced files. Use as example rating_tools/utilities/
  • If you change the code fab upgrade_conf:instance_name for updating it in a fast way.
  • At the end of the profiling process, disable debug_mode, and execute a fab upgrade_app:instance_name again.
It is possible executing only specific parts of the rating engine using the --run-level options. See the source code of the rating engine for more info.

Adding LOG message

Inside an action
    $this->logMessage('help me!', 'info');
Outside an action
Inside a template if the error must be viewed on the web toolbar
    echo log_message(...);

Asterisell jobs

Jobs are read from apps/asterisell/config/app.yml file, that is generated from fabric_data/ management tool, according the content of file.
It is convoluted, by it is the result of stratifications of features and tools added with time.